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IE 5: Printing Framesets


One of the problems with Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac is that the Print command only prints the active frame. There is no way to print an entire frameset -- unless you know the hack.

IE 5, like most Mac applications, is only minimally scriptable. But one of the few AppleScript commands it has is PrintBrowserWindow. This command will print the entire browser window contents, including framesets. You invoke it by typing in the Apple Script Editor application:

tell application "Internet Explorer" to PrintBrowserWindow

Now click the Run button, or save it as a compiled script and open it from the Finder. You will have to use the full name of your copy of IE.

As a point of reference ... Internet Explorer support for the Mac is virtually nonexistent on the Microsoft web site. But the best place I have found to get support is the Microsoft Mac IE newsgroup. There is also an unofficial Mac IE FAQ.

This hack is compliments of Richard Hough (pronounced "huff," like the pianist), who is a web developer for a Vancouver, Canada, education software company. As part of his job, he has to come up with lots of workarounds for IE on the Macintosh. Richard can be contacted at

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