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The Best Moments Had Less to Do with the Mac  In a week that featured the Boston Red Sox ending decades of frustration by winning the World Series, a blood red lunar eclipse hanging in the evening sky, and Steve Jobs making his first public appearance since cancer surgery, I was reminded of the real reason why I prefer the Mac community.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

My Favorite Stewart Copeland Story  Can you imagine being able to watch Stewart Copeland discover GarageBand?   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

The Most Delicious Software I've Seen in a Long Time  Delicious Library is exquisite. It won first place in O'Reilly's Mac OS X Innovators Contest (U.S. category), and it deserves it. I watched people's jaws drop when they saw it demonstrated at the conference this week.  [The Karelia Weblog]

IT Manager's Journal: Apple Offers Mac OS X Conference a Second Fleeting Look at Tiger  Tuesday, at the Mac OS X Conference, Apple Computer tantalized several hundred developers and assorted consultants, IT managers, and media types with a second fleeting look at Tiger, code name for version 10.4 of the Mac operating system.   [IT Manager's Journal]

iPod Photo as Portable Presentation Device?  After attending Scott Knaster's iPod Parlor Tricks, it occurred to me that a photo slideshow is not much different from a presentation. Perhaps the device could be used as a (ultra) portable presentation device?   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Sam Levin on Messaging and Branding  Sam Levin just gave a presentation titled, "Messaging & Branding; After the Product is Developed, What's Next?" at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference in Santa Clara.  [Niall Kennedy's Weblog]

eWeek: Apple Shows Off Mac OS X Tiger, Xcode  Demonstrated here at the O'Reilly Media Inc.'s Mac OS X Conference, Apple provided attendees perhaps the second up-close look at Tiger, since its premiere at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June.  [eWeek]

MacSlash Conference Coverage  MacSlash coverage of the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.  [MacSlash]

How To Run Your Own Software Business Presentation  Oliver Breidenbach, Steve Dekorte, Steve Gehrman, Will Shipley, Brent Simmons, and Dan Wood participated in a panel discussion about how to run your own software business.  [Niall Kennedy's Weblog]

Digital Forensic Analysis Brought Out the CSI in All of Us  It was CSI meets the Mac in Derrick Donnelly's Open Source Digital Forensic Acquisition and Analysis on Mac OS X at the Mac OS X Conference.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

O'Reilly Announces OS X Innovators Contest Winners  On Tuesday, technical book publisher, O'Reilly, revealed the winners of its second annual Mac OS X Innovators Contest, which was open to both hobbyists and professional developers.   [Mac Central]

Atom Is Not RSS.  One of Mac OS X's new features is "RSS support," with Atom listed as one of the supported formats. I'm glad to see this support, of course, but Atom is not RSS. "Syndication" seems like the right term to me.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

California!  In case you're going, but haven't been to a conference like this before, here's a tip: turn on iChat and log onto Rendezvous.  [inessential.com]

At TenCon  I'm here now at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, and Tom will be coming in later today. If you're here, could you do me (and you, and others) a favor? Launch SubEthaEdit and look for a document I'm sharing...  [Backup Brain]

Delicious Library, FotoMagico, Take Top Awards in 2004 Mac OS X Innovators  During the Tuesday morning feature presentations, Derrick Story announced the winners of the 2004 Mac OS X Innovators Contest. "Delicious Library," entered by Delicious Monster Software, was honored with the first place award in the U.S. Category. FotoMagico by Boinx Software earned the top spot in the International Category. O'Reilly will honor all of the winners during a Mac OS X Innovators panel discussion at 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, followed by a reception sponsored by Apple Developer Connection. All conference attendees are invited to celebrate with the winners.  [O'Reilly Press Room]

The Shaping of Mac OS X Con  You can tell a lot about how an O'Reilly conference will unfold by observing its key players as they prepare.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

West Coast Mac-a-Palooza: O'Reilly, AES, Remix Hotel, DigiWorld  The Mac is all about the Bay Area this week with a huge lineup of events.  [O'Grady's PowerPage]

Big Week for Mac Audio  Mac audio fans will enjoy an exciting one-two punch next week. First, there's Apple's special announcement on Tuesday morning at the California Theatre in San Jose with Steve Jobs and U2. Then, the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, right next door in Santa Clara, launches its ground-breaking digital audio track featuring Stewart Copeland on Wednesday.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Mac OS X Conference Starts Tomorrow  Just a reminder: the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference starts tomorrow in Santa Clara, CA. And whether you'll be at the conference or not, you're invited to the Blogger get-together on Tuesday evening.   [Backup Brain]

Podcasting Session at Mac OS X Conference  Lenn Pryor is hosting a Podcasting session at O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference, in Santa Clara on October 28.  [ipodder.org]

Hands on Podcasting  Lenn Pryor, of Engadget.com fame, is going to lead a session at the upcoming Mac OS X Conference titled, "Podcasting: Consuming, Producing, and Distributing DIY Radio."  [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Robotics, Roller Coasters, and Mac  Robotics, roller coasters, and Macintosh O'Reilly style--the end of October could be really, really good.  [O'Reilly Weblogs]

43 Folders @ OS X Con  Danny O'Brien and I will be presenting at O'Reilly's OS X Con in Santa Clara this month. “Life Hacks” and “43 Folders” taste great together.  [43 Folders]

How to Run Your Own Software Business  Dan Wood, president of Karelia Software, LLC (and of Watson fame) has put together an all star panel including Brent Simmons and Will Shipley on Tuesday at Mac OS X Con to show you the inside secrets of a successful business.  [O'Reilly Weblogs]

The Convergence of Cocoa Craftsmen  Working more efficiently in Cocoa is a skill that can benefit every Mac developer. You can improve on your own, through books, and with the help of peers. But to achieve the next level of craftsmanship, you often need to study with the masters.  [O'Reilly Weblogs]

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The Copeland Operating System Rocks Mac OS X Con  Although it's been twenty years since the band broke up, Stewart Copeland is still best known as the former drummer of the Police. David Battino, chairman of the Audio Track of the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference audio track, hosted a keynote conversation with Copeland about the drummer's career as a film composer.

Stewart Steals the Show
Stewart Steals the Show Stewart Copeland was Wednesday's star at the Mac OS X Conference. He mixed stories from his days with the Police with modern day insights about using the Mac for creating musical scores for motion pictures. You can see pictures of Stewart, plus lots of other good happenings, in this gallery.

Ten Con Tuesday
Ten Con Tuesday The launch of the Mac OS X Conference featured dynamic speakers such as Andy Ihnatko, Wiley Hodges, and Chris Bourdon. Those who attended the afternoon digital audio sessions were treated to Dr. Gerhard Lengeling showing his musical prowess on the keyboard during a Garageband session. Here's a collection of photos from Tuesday's opening events.

TenCon Fly-By  Over the past weeks, program chair Derrick Story has been pointing out some of the new content we've added to the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference. Derrick has pulled together this collection of What's New blurbs and weblogs to create a convenient fly-by of event highlights.

The Inside Scoop on the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference  Sometimes, looking at a conference program grid is like looking at Edinburgh Castle. It's impressive, but you really don't know where all the bodies are buried unless you have a tour guide.

Top Ten Tips for Mac OS X Con 2004  The upcoming O'Reilly Mac Conference will be different than your typical tech gathering--requiring that you prepare differently, too. Program chair Derrick Story shares his top ten "getting ready" tips for this innovative event.

Mac OS X Innovators Contest Update  The winners have been notified for the 2004 Mac OS X Innovators Contest. Here's a look at the judging process and some information about what happens from here.

Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 5  In this final installment of Mac OS X for the Traveler, François Joseph de Kermadec shares some of his most clever tips for surviving on the road. François will be presenting Mac Maintenance on the Cheap at the upcoming Mac OS X Conference.

More Inside News on O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference  We've added top-level Apple-employed speakers to the conference faculty. And yes, some have been approved to talk about Tiger. Here's the latest inside scoop on the upcoming Mac OS X event.

Coverage from Last Year
Coverage from Last Year See news coverage and weblogs from last year's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.

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