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Macworld UK: Mac OS X Innovators Honored  -- O'Reilly has announced the winners of the final round of its Mac OS X Innovators Contest. Winners were unveiled at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference in Santa Clara, California.  [Macworld UK]

Mac Central: Innovators Contest Winners Announced  -- Winners of the third and final round of the Mac OS X Innovators Contest have been announced at O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference. Sponsored by Apple Developer Connection (ADC), the contest "rewards innovative Mac OS X applications, plug-ins, user interface widgets, or other creative original software."  [Mac Central latest headlines]

eWeek: Could Panther Attract Enterprise Converts?  -- Judging from the opinions of users gathered at this week's Mac OS X Conference, the recent release of Panther could help Apple Computer gain more Mac converts in the enterprise.   [eWeek]

Slashdot: Factual "Big Mac" Results  -- Finally Varadarajan has put some hard facts on the speed of the VT "Big Mac" G5 cluster. Undoubtedly after some weeks of tuning and optimization, the home-brewed supercluster is happily rolling around at 9.555 TFlops in LINPACK. The revelations were made by the parallel computing voodoo master himself at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.  [Slashdot]

NewsForge: Apple Releases Source Code for Darwin 7.0  -- In sync with the release of Apple's latest and greatest operating system, Panther (a.k.a. Mac OS 10.3), the Cupertino, California-based company has released the source code of Darwin 7.0.  [NewsForge]

Mac Observer: Apple Unleashes Source for Latest Evolution of Darwin (7.0)  -- Apple has posted it latest version of Darwin. Version 7.0 coincides with the release of Mac OS X 10.3.  [Mac Observer]

MacCentral: Apple's Bud Tribble Talks Science  -- One of the Mac's creators, Bud Tribble, said that one of the trends he and his colleagues at Apple have noticed is that Mac OS X is coming on strong in the sciences, both in the commercial and academic worlds.  [MacCentral]

MacDailyNews: Power Mac G5 Supercomputer to be "Pantherized"  -- Srinidhi Varadarajan, builder of Virginia Tech's "Big Mac" Supercomputer, gave a presentation at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference. Varadarajan stated, "Our latest numbers are 9.555 Tera and we still have more tricks left.  [MacDailyNews]

Conference Presentation Files  -- Presentation files from many of the sessions and tutorials are now available online.  [O'Reilly Network]

Wired: Mac Supercomputer Just Got Faster   -- The latest semi-official numbers concerning the speed of Virginia Tech's "Big Mac" supercomputer rank it as the third-fastest machine on the planet.  [Wired News]

Inside Mac Radio LIVE at the Mac OS X Conference  -- "Inside Mac Radio" has posted an interview with Rick LePage, president of Mac Publishing, and Jason Snell, editor in chief of Macworld magazine, in which they discuss the new MacDeveloper Journal and all the cool things that are going on over at Macworld magazine.  [OSXFAQ]

MacSlash: TenCon Keynote: Srinidhi Varadarajan  -- Srinidhi Varadarajan is the director of the Terascale Computing Facility at Virginia Tech and is going to be taking us through the process of the creation of the Terascale Computing Facility.  [MacSlash]

OS-X Zone: David Pogue's Panther Secrets Keynote  -- Wow! David's Keynote at the Mac OS X Conference was a tour de force of amazing shortcuts and hidden features that make having Panther a giant leap for Mac computing. Suffice to say his eagerly anticipated Max OS X: The Missing Manual, Panther Edition, due out in December, will be a tremendous hit.  [OS-X Zone]

eWeek: Supercomputer Spurs Scientific Computing on Macs   -- A recent supercomputing coup for Apple Computer, Inc. may help the computer maker produce larger inroads into high-performance, scientific computing.  [eWeek]

Wired: Looking Toward a Networked World   -- Technology publisher Tim O'Reilly has seen the future of software, and it's the iTunes Music Store. Speaking here at the Mac OS X Conference, O'Reilly said Apple Computer is leading the charge in a software revolution that soon will see most applications reaching beyond the box they are running on and connecting to other computers or devices.  [Wired News]

MacCentral: Pixar Talks OS X Migration  -- Despite the company's deep connections to Apple, Pixar Animation Studios only completed moving its computer infrastructure to Mac OS X eight months ago.  [MacCentral]

TenCon Keynote: Srinidhi Varadarajan and the G5 Supercomputer  -- Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan is the direcotr of the Terascale Computing Facility at Virginia Tech and is going to be taking us through the process of the creation of the Terascale Computing Facility.  [Adventures in Troubleshooting]

Inside Mac RadioInside Mac Radio Interviews Derrick Story -- "Inside Mac Radio" is broadcasting daily from the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference. Scott Sheppard's interviews bring the personalities from the event right into your Mac so you can be a part of this event from the comfort of your home or office. New segments will be posted daily. Today's talk is with conference co-chair Derrick Story, who provides an overview of the conference and some inside tips. [Inside Mac Radio]

Blogging the O'Reilly Conference Keynote  -- Since I did such a pitiful job of blogging the Plone Conference, I'm going to try to make up for that by blogging the O'Reilly keynote. Themes: where applications and the network are going.  [Jim Roepcke's Weblog]

Día Uno: O'Reilly, Pogue, Soghoian, Steinberg   Tim es un tipo inteligente: Según el, todos usamos Linux. "¿Quien usa Google?"... un mar de manos se levanta en la conferencia inaugural que brindó en el marco de la Conferencia Mac OS X 2003 de O'Reilly. "Entonces todos usan Linux." La conferencia arrancó el día lunes en la mañana recibiendo a cientos de personas que han venido de todas partes de USA y el mundo a enterarse -- y enterar al os demás -- de lo más reciente inventado para la plataforma Mac y que veremos en los próximos años.  [diariox.com]

Tim O'Reilly's Keynote  -- What's on Tim's radar? If iChat has Rendezvous capabilities, why don't the other iApps incorporate Rendezvous? Imagine sharing your iPhoto pictures with other computers on your network.  [MrBarrett.com]

Tuesday's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Keynote Photos    [OSXFAQ]

Everything You Need to Know About the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference  -- Here are the links and descriptions that you'll need to follow the action at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference--whether you're here or afar.  [weblogs.oreilly.com]

Mac OS X Con on Feedster  -- Feedster's OS X Conference Buzz page.  [Backup Brain]

MacSlash Conference Coverage  -- We've posted three session-notes files from the first day of tutorials, and they're available in our Special OS X Conference section.  [MacSlash]

Session Notes: Unix Command Lines  -- These are the session notes from Matisse Enzer's "Introduction to the Mac OS X Unix Command Line," part of the morning tutorials here at the O'Reilly Conference.  [Adventures in Troubleshooting]

Tales from Night of Panther  -- Post your reports from "Night of Panther" events here. If you have photos, all the better!  [ Mac]

Virginia Tech "Supercluster" Director Featured at O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference  -- Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan, Director of Terascale Computing Facility, Virginia Tech, will lead a special presentation at the Mac OS X Conference.  [ Mac]

Alaskan Malamute Panther Released Oct. 24; Mac OS X Con Begins Oct. 27. Hmmm.... -- We really didn't want to redo all of our Panther screenshots for the Mac OS X Conference. Now we don't have to! Jaguar is great . . . but we wanted our conference to be the first to focus on Panther. And it will. [ Mac]

Plone BOF at O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference?  -- Tyrell (the company I work for) is planning to attend O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference. We'd like to hold a Plone BOF during the conference, but we need to judge the interest level first. If you're interested in attending a Plone BOF during this conference, please email me.  [Jim Roepcke's weblog: have browser, will travel]

Meet and Greet  -- Admit it, you've always wanted to meet the minds behind Rogue Amoeba Software. And who can blame you? Like Michael Jordan or the Statue of Liberty, we're larger than life. Now you've got the chance to bask in our radiance for a little while--at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.  [Rogue Amoeba - Under The Microscope]

OS X Unwired: Hacking Airport and Bluetooth  -- There's now an OS X Unwired: Hacking Airport and Bluetooth session at the Mac OS X Conference. It's going to be an experiment in "How fast can Dori talk?" because 45 minutes (which has to include both setup and teardown time) is barely enough to cover the basics. But it's going to be fun, and from the looks of things, it'll be a great conference.  [Backup Brain]


From Keynotes to Congregation: The Real Mac OS X Conference  The sessions and the keynotes are what get us to the conferences. But once everyone is there, chemistry among the attendees and speakers create a new event different than anything that could be planned -- especially at a Mac gathering. Here's what happened at the second Mac OS X Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Finishing Touches
Finishing Touches The Mac OS X Conference was full of life to the very last breath of the event. Here are just a few highlights from Wednesday evening and Thursday. Hope to see you in these pictures next year!

Fully Loaded and On Target
Fully Loaded and On Target -- Dynamic speakers such as Srinidhi Varadarajan and Andy Ihnatko were big hits with the sophisticated Mac audience at the conference. This is a show by Mac geeks for Mac geeks.

Confessions of the World's Largest Switcher  -- After encountering roadblocks from Dell and IBM, Srinidhi Varadarajan went to Apple, and 24 hours later, had a commitment to deliver--within two months--the G5s he'd need to build a supercomputer. At this week's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, Varadarajan reveals the details behind what it took to build Virginia Tech's G5 Supercomputer. Find out why he says you can expect to see a lot more G5 clusters in the future.

Day Two: Rock and Roll
Day Two: Rock and Roll -- Tim O'Reilly and David Pogue kicked off the Tuesday activities at the Mac OS X Conference. It was a day of many firsts, including the opening of the bookstore, Expo floor, and the sessions. Smart attendees got there early and grabbed a seat because many venues were standing-room only.

G5s, Panther, Let's Go!
G5s, Panther, Let's Go! -- The first day of the Mac OS X Conference focused on tutorials, such as introductions to Cocoa, Mac OS X Java, Rendezvous, and AppleScript. Apple Developer Connection provided the G5s in the Rendezvous Lounge, and O'Reilly supplied the expert speakers. A strong start to this much-anticipated event.

Mac OS X PanterTen Things I Dig About Xcode -- Following in the footsteps of "Ten Things I Dig About Panther," James Duncan Davidson further explores one of the facets near and dear to Mac developers--their application development environment. Apple is introducing Xcode, along with Panther, and Davidson takes it for a spin and reports on his initial findings.

Mac OS X Innovators Update: Round 3  -- The judging is over and the winners have been notified in the third and final round of the Mac OS X Innovators Contest. The formal announcement will be made in this special reception on Wednesday evening.

Ten Things I Dig About Panther  -- Now that the release of Panther is official, it's time to take a close look at its key features. O'Reilly author James Duncan Davidson shows you the aspects of Panther that he really digs. You'll get your own chance to get hands-on with Panther in the "Rendezvous Lounge" provided by Apple at the conference. And don't miss David Pogue's Panther Secrets.

Top Ten Tips for Mac Conference Goers  -- Here are ten tips to help you maximize your investment at the upcoming Mac OS X Conference, or just about any other Mac gathering.

Secrets of the Jedi Lunchbox and Other Andy Ihnatko Tales  -- Andy Ihnatko started out as a volunteer for the Boston Computer Society's Mac Group, which led to becoming a columnist for MacUser magazine. When MacUser and Macworld merged, Andy was right in the middle of it. Here's an interview with one of the truly unique minds in the Mac community who has been there during every step of Apple's highs and lows over the years. And don't miss Andy's keynote on Wednesday morning: The Big Rethink.

From NEXTSTEP to Now: An Interview with LaunchBar's Norbert Heger  -- When LaunchBar was announced as a winner in the second Mac OS X Innovator's Contest, we received lots of positive comments from readers who were fans of this software. Like so many good ideas, the concept for this software has been around for a while. Its roots go back to 1995 and NEXTSTEP. Norbert Heger describes those early days and the evolution of this terrific Mac OS X application.

Interview with VoodooPad's Gus Mueller  -- August Mueller believed that the wiki could be a useful personal tool, too. After all, don't most computers make it difficult to keep track of small bits of information? That was the genesis of his award-winning application, VoodooPad. In this conversation, Gus explains how he brought this idea to fruition, and he provides some tips for Mac OS X developers.

Building an Award-Winning Application by Milestones: An Interview with Martin Pittenauer  -- In this interview with Martin Pittenauer of TheCodingMonkeys, the software development group that also includes Martin Ott, Dominik Wagner, and Ulrich Bauer, Martin talks about how this group of guys sat down and decided they wanted to create a great Mac OS X application. Once they had the initial concept, they set goals for themselves and methodically reached each milestone, eventually leading to a 2003 Apple Design Award, and an unexpected prize in the Mac OS X Innovators Contest.

Open Directory and Active Directory, Part 3  -- In this third and final part of Michael Bartosh's series on Mac OS X's Directory Services architecture, he looks at data. If you haven't read parts one and two yet, you should take a look before reading this final installment. And don't miss Michael's presentation, Mac OS X and Active Directory: A Study in Directory Integration, when you're at the conference!