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TidBITS: O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Report  Last week's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference marked the rise of the first major new Macintosh conference in years. Luminaries from the Macintosh and Unix worlds, brought together by Apple's melding of the Mac OS and Unix in Mac OS X, mingled with a similarly eclectic mix of several hundred attendees.  [TidBITS]

Conference presentations are online  The conference presentations are now online! Did you miss out on a really cool session? You can now download the presentation files.  [conferences.oreilly.com]

InfoWorld: Ex-Apple official critiques open-source project  A former Apple Computer official who participated in development of Darwin, an open-source version of the Mac OS X operating system, had some criticism of the project during a session at the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference here on Thursday.  [InfoWorld]

O'Reilly's X-Factor  Speaking in a keynote session of this week's O'Reilly Mac OS X conference, Jordan Hubbard, one of the seminal figures in the development of BSD Unix, spoke to developers and Unix faithful about his part in the "Unix wars" and his take on the state of Mac OS X.  [MacEdition]

InfoWorld: Java on desktop pondered  While Java may not be the first platform people think of when it comes to desktop computing, it nonetheless has a presence, according to James Gosling, who holds the title of vice president and fellow at Sun Microsystems and who was instrumental in the development of Java. Read more on Gosling's keynote at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.  [InfoWorld]

OpenOffice/NeoOffice on Mac OS X  Ed Peterlin of OpenOffice.org announces the public beta of the Mac OS X port of OpenOffice, and shows a prototype of NeoOffice, the native Aqua port (as distinct from the X11-based port).   [Tim O'Reilly's Weblog]

Mac OS X Conference update  One of the highlights of an O'Reilly conference is that not only are you able to attend tutorials and sessions that are really quite beneficial, but you get to network with people who work in and lead the industry.  [MacSpotlight]

Steve's Rendezvous notes from OSXCON  My pal Steve Jenson took killer notes at yesterday's Rendezvous (zero-configuration networking) talk at the OS X con.   [Boing Boing]

InfoWorld: Apple woos the terminal geeks  The growing number of Unix-friendly Mac users is especially apparent here at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, where developers and enthusiasts have gathered to discuss the company's new operating system. One sure sign that Apple is winning over Unix users is the abundance of laptop-totting Mac users who command their computers with a terminal window rather than a mouse.  [InfoWorld]

Porting Unix Apps to Darwin and OS X  Apple has been enouraging programmers of Unix software to port their applications to Mac OS X. This is possible because OS X is based on Darwin, the BSD-based foundation of the operating system.  [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

News Aggregation for OSXCON's RSS Newbies  In my second 'ode to OSXCON' blog I'd like to show off a little app to introduce newbies to news feeds. That's RSS, etc, to you alpha-geeks.   [Steve Mallett's Weblogs]

OS X Conference: Mac OS X for UNIX folk  According to Jordan Hubbard, Apple's manager of BSD technologies, Apple is working hard to make Mac OS X as seamless a change as possible to the many UNIX users out there.  [MacCentral]

Customer Digital Rights Get a Boost; Apple's Stance  There's potentially important news in the digital-rights arena, according to this report in today's Mercury News by our Washington tech-policy correspondent, Heather Fleming Phillips...  [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

Fair use gets a posse  I had the privilege of being included on the keynote panel, along with O'Reilly, the Mercury News' Dan Gillmor, the EFF's Cory Doctorow, and Victor Nemechek, marketing chief for a cool new company that makes EyeTV for the Mac. Subject: the prospects for DRM.  [New Media Musings]

Eggplant testing software shown at OS X Conference  Redstone Software is using this week's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference to show off its new application testing product, Eggplant.  [MacCentral]

Notes from OSXCon's DRM and Digital Hub panel   We did a great panel on DRM and the Digital Hub yesterday here at OSXCon with Tim O'Reilly, Victor Nemachek (from El Gato, makers of the EyeTV digital TV recorder for the Mac), Dan Gillmor, and JD Lasica, who's working on a book on fair use and copyfights.   [Boing Boing]

Wireless networking insanity at OS X con  Using standard unix tools (that ship with OS X), we were able to quickly track down an interesting networking idiosyncrasy in Jaguar.   [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

It's a Laptop World at the Mac OS X Conference  This is one party where no one sits at the bar. It's BYOB baby!   [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

O'Reilly, Pogue keynote Mac OS X Conference  This morning, Tim O'Reilly and David Pogue addressed the more than 700 attendees of the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference in Santa Clara, California. O'Reilly discussed what Mac developers can learn from the UNIX/Linux world and what UNIX and Linux developers can learn from the Mac.  [MacCentral]

Toward Mac OS XX  David Pogue is talking about Mac in the past, present, and future.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

TrackBack at Mac OS X Conference  The folks behind Movable Type have set up "TrackBack at Mac OSXCon." If you're using Movable Type or a TrackBack-enabled tool, you can ping the category relating to your OSXCon-specific weblog post. Additionally, each category has its own RSS feed that you can pull into the aggregator of your choice.  [MovableType]

What was that laptop?  As David Pogue entertains the crowd at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, the question on every self-respecting uber-geek's mind is: Hey, is that the new Powerbook in that slide?  [raelity bytes]

Spam Killing at OSXCON  Since I couldn't make it to OSXCON let me share some of my tips for better conference going with OS X via my blog.   [Steve Mallett's Weblog]

Sal Soghoian Knows AppleScript  I had every intention of visiting all the tutorials this morning; that is, until I stopped in to see what Sal Soghoian was doing.   [Derrick Story's Weblog]

Presenting Mac OS X  I've added a new presentation to my repertoire: "Mac OS X, Why the Alpha Geeks are Using It." It's an obvious tip of the hat to Tim O'Reilly's thoughts on OS X, with a focus on showing to people why OS X works for Unix weenies and giving a hands on exploration of the system.   [James Duncan Davidson's Weblog]

OS X Conference Kicks Off Today  Some of the brightest lights in the Mac OS X sky will present tutorials and sessions at the conference, including David Pogue, author of "Mac OS X: The Missing Manual" and New York Times technology columnist; TidBits publisher Adam Engst; Jordan Hubbard, manager of BSD technologies at Apple and co- founder of the FreeBSD project; and Wilfredo Sanchez Vega, the developer of the Darwin OS.  [MacCentral]

O'Reilly Holds DRM Debate at Mac OS X Conference  A panel discussion was just added to the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, moderated by Dan Gillmor. He and Cory Doctorow, J.D. Lasica, Victor Nemechek, and Tim O'Reilly debate the expansive, pro-customer stance on DRM built in to Mac OS X.   [Slashdot]

Java at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference  The O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference has a Java keynote by James Gosling, along with several Java tutorials and sessions by the likes of Daniel H. Steinberg and O'Reilly Java Cookbook author Ian Darwin.  [Steve Anglin's Weblog]

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Kicks Off  The O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference kicks off today in Santa Clara, CA. MacCentral talks it up and Slashdot has some pre-discussion around the "Mac OS X, a Digital Rights Management Operating System" panel on Tuesday.  [raelity bytes]

The Attendee Program is now available  Are you trying to decide which sessions to go to? Would a print copy of the attendee program help you plan meetings with colleagues? Download the pdf[conferences.oreillynet.com]

The Mac OS X Conference iCal  The new Mac OS X Conference iCal is ready for a test drive. Mac OS X 10.2 users can now subscribe to our Mac OS X Conference iCal to get the full conference schedule. We have also provided details and a forum for your ideas and suggestions.  [Terrie Miller's Weblog]

Multicast routing and Rendezvous  How can we make a Rendezvous block party?  [Rob Flickenger's Weblog]

The Myth of Newton Resurrection  Leander Kahney's latest examines the "consumer myth"-cum-NYT-fit-to-print of the resurrection of Newton, the latest incarnation being the iPhone. Don't miss Leander Kahney's "Cult of the Mac" anecdotes at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.  [raelity bytes]

Jaguar Tidbits from O'Reilly  Keyboard short cuts, Rendezvous, iChat, CUPS ... forget work, let's just play!  [Derrick Story's Weblog]

David Pogue visits Martha Stewart Our very own David Pogue -- author of Mac OS X: The Missing Manual and NYT technology columnist -- visits Martha Stewart, offering some advice on camcorders, video story-telling (and babies). By the by, David will be keynoting, speaking, and taking "video lovers on a hilarious, real-time crash course" in iMovie 2: the Missing Crash Course at the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference. [raelity bytes]

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Daypop'd  Interesting. The O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference is being mentioned all over the place, making it into the top 40 on Daypop[raelity bytes]

Jaguar PPTP VPNs in Jaguar Sometimes I think my parents must have dropped me on my head as a kid. It took me longer to find the obviously-named application that configures your Jaguar-running Mac to connect to a VPN network than it did for me to actually connect! [Nathan Torkington's Weblog]

Jaguar: Fixing Terminal's Settings  For some reason Terminal runs out of the box in such a way that emacs can't properly do inverted text or long lines. It took some futzing and help from coral on #perl but here it is--the Settings That Work.  [Nathan Torkington's Weblog]

Jaguar: Fonts  This is the smallest yet most troublesome thing I've found with Jaguar so far. I feel so stupid for letting it trip me up ...  [Nathan Torkington's Weblog]

Upgrading to Jaguar: Installing  The upgrade process was relatively painless ...  [Nathan Torkington's Weblog]

Jaguar First Impressions ... and Questions  What kind of idiot would install a new OS on Friday night when he had a ton of work to do over the weekend? Well ...  [Derrick Story's Weblog]


Thursday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
Thursday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
Both the O'Reilly author signing event and David Mash's musical presentation highlighted Wednesday evening activities. Then, bright and early Thursday morning, everyone was back in the ballroom for Wilfredo Sánchez Vega's keynote on the origin of Darwin.

The Near Future of Digital Rights Management  Daniel Steinberg looks at the ramifications of Hollywood's desire to turn the PC into a trusted digital appliance, in this report from the DRM panel at the Mac OS X Conference.

Why UNIX matters to Mac OS X  In their keynotes Tim O'Reilly and Jordan Hubbard talk about the significance of UNIX to Mac OS X.

Wednesday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
Wednesday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
Jordan Hubbard set the tone for Wednesday with his excellent presentation, "Unix Moves Out." The rest of the day just keep the momentum rolling with interesting presentations and lots of interaction among attendees.

Tuesday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
Tuesday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
Tuesday morning at the Mac OS X Conference began with a potent one-two punch. First Tim O'Reilly talked about the future of computing and the Mac platform, then David Pogue provided a brief history lesson of the Mac platform.

Monday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
Monday Photos from the Mac OS X Conference
The Mac OS X Conference began with some serious foundation building with a series of tutorials covering Java, AppleScript, Terminal App, Objective C, Perl, and more. Here's a look at a few of Monday's stars.

The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1  In part one of this series on how to convert your great ideas into marketable shareware, Sanford Selznick pours the foundation upon which to build your emerging enterprise.

Configuring Sendmail on Jaguar  Sendmail is powerful, but at times appears complicated too. James Duncan Davidson helps you unravel the Sendmail knot so you can configure this awesome mail server on your Mac OS X system.

Utilities for Switching on the Cheap  Once you've migrated to Mac OS X, you'll probably find that you're missing a few of those handy utilities that make life so much easier. Here's a quick switcher's survival guide for Web producers and other online specialists.

OS X Meets Java  From creating Swing applications in OS X to using AppleScript to compile Java to running Tomcat and Apache on the Mac, this collection of articles from O'Reilly's MacDevCenter site will get you started with Java on OS X.

Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV  Apple is more than happy to host your iCal calendars via its Dot-Mac service. But you can serve your own calendars, and even have them automatically update subscriber versions, by using WebDAV. Erik Ray shows you how.

.Mac Icon 802.11, .Mac, Backup--All Coming Together Time is more valuable than ever, and my archiving system now includes "Backup," which is included with my .Mac membership. Combined with 802.11b Internet access, I can back up any project immediately from just about anywhere ... even Starbucks. And while you're at the conference, be sure to get more tips on making the most of .Mac at Derrick Story and Rael Dornfest's session on Building a .Mac-Based Web Site.

iChat P2P Networking with Rendezvous and iChat  For many, iChat and Rendezvous will serve as the introduction to true peer-to-peer networking. Here's how to set it up in just a few minutes.

Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar  Jaguar's debut adds many updates to Mac OS X's under-the-hood open source tools. In this article, James Duncan Davidson shows you how to tap Jaguar's ability to run your own site server, including an overview for setting up Sendmail.

Mac OS X Switcher Stories  After a visit to Microsoft, Tim O'Reilly began to wonder where the switchers to Mac OS X were really coming from. Were they migrating from Windows as portrayed in the ad campaigns, or was there something more curious under foot? Here's what he discovered.

Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module  While there are a few available methods for integrating Tomcat with Apache, the recommended (and currently maintained) approach is to integrate Tomcat with Apache via the mod_jk module. In this article, Chad Thompson shows you how. Learn even more through tutorials and sessions at the conference in our Servers and Networking track.

Audible Books on Your iPod  More than music, more than contact information, more than addresses--yes the iPod can now be your personal, audible book library too. It's easier than you think. Erik Ray shows you how. For more tips on getting the most out of your iPod, check out the session, Your iPod - Mac In A Pocket by Doug Hanley of MacTEK Consulting.