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Hydra, VoodooPad, Finish Tops in Second Mac OS X Innovators Contest


O'Reilly & Associates announced the winners of the second round in its Mac OS X Innovators Contest at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon. The contest, sponsored by Apple Developer Connection (ADC), rewards innovative Mac OS X applications, plug-ins, user interface widgets, or other creative original software. Entries are judged on innovation, ease of use, adherence to the Mac OS X Human Interface Guidelines, and use of Mac OS X technologies.

In the new International category, the CodingMonkeys from Bavaria, Germany won the first-place award with Hydra, and Austria's Norbert Heger claimed second place with LaunchBar for Mac OS X. First-place winner in the U.S. category is August Mueller's VoodooPad, and the second-place winner is Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro.

"This round of winners clearly demonstrates the energy we see with application development for the Mac OS X platform," said Derrick Story, Mac DevCenter managing editor. "Programmers all over the world are pushing the envelope, and users are benefiting by having access to an abundance of creative, affordable software to enhance their experiences on the Mac."

Descriptions of the Winning Applications

More to Come

Interviews with each of the four winners are in the works, and we'll be featuring them here on the Mac OS X Innovators site. Until then, congratulations to all the winners of round two!

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