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Commerce Weekly: iPhone NFC rumors return
by Jenn Webb
Happy new year! Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space recently. Apple NFC rumors revived We’ve no sooner outfitted our shiny new iPhone 5s with cases and fancy accessories than rumors of the iPhone …

Is there any data recovery tools for iPad run on Mac OS X
by jessicamabuly
I wrongly deleted the photo on my iPad and want to recovery them back, some easy to handle tool?

Sony Xperia Tablet worth buying or still a shadow behind the IPAD 3 ?
by sonytab
Although Sony missed a spot of the tablet market share with the Tegra 3 CPU and Android OS based tablets, it looks like Sony wants to become again a leader in the tablet market with the Xperia Tablet. Yet very similar with the Sony Tablet S, the new sleek Xperia Tablet has been subject to a lot of upgrades and improved camera action. The Sony Xperia Tablet will be the next tablet launched by the ...

Commerce Weekly: Apple excludes NFC, leaves payment pioneering to others
by Jenn Webb
Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the commerce space this week. So that’s that: No NFC for the iPhone 5 Leading up to yesterday’s Apple event, there was much rumor mongering over whether or not the …

Exporting iPad contacts to a CSV file or an Excel worksheet?
by czRhove
Hi, I have the new iPad that I use for business and where I have loaded all of my clients' contacts. I would like to export all this contact data to a single unified file where I can access the contact details in the form of a list (i.e. an *.xls or a *.csv file). I tried to export my iPad to my computer contacts via the iCloud however the only option I was given was to export them in a vCar...

iPad Retina Display
by iSudipMishra
I am using Xcode. I have tested my code on iPad non retina device. That time I found the height and width of the view(self.view) as 1004 and 768. When I am testing on iPad retina simulator it's showing the same height and width(1004,768) rather than 2008 and 1536.

Iphone Reader
by jakiwatsonn
How to find best reader of iphone?

Is there any tool to stream Blu-ray to iPad directly?
by amy803891
I want to enjoy the Blu-ray movies on my iPad, is their any way or tools can help me to do that? not tool comlicated ones, thx

How to Set Survival as Your iPhone Ringtone
by TuneClone
The London Olympics adopted Muse's new song "Survival" as the official track of this year's Games. The song has been played during sporting sessions, as athletes enter stadiums and for the lead-ups to medal ceremonies. "It's a huge honor to have the track chosen as such a major part of the London 2012 Olympic Games," said frontman Matthew Bellamy in a release. &quo...

Find an eBook on iPad
by Espri
I have just downloaded my first eBook from O'Reilly, using the link sent to me by e-mail. It appeared in Safari on my iPad and I could read it. But now it seems to have disappeared and I can only see a message about 'Access Denied Request has expired....'. I had expected to find the book under PDFs in my iBook library (or perhaps Kindle) but there is no sign of it. What have I done wr...

Hire iPad Developer for Custom iPad Application Development
by richardboss78
Before, we have used and developed web pages, web application for websites and desktop but with the change of time latest technologies outcomes with advanced features and functions. Today, it is possible that we can design and develop web application for mobile and tablet devices and iPhone, iPad Web Development is one of the best advantage of it. If we talk about iPad Web Development then it is ...

Tutorial on a Core Data UIPickerView iPhone App from Scratch | iPad | iOS
by kevlangdo
Adding Core Data to a new or existing iOS application is fairly easy. There are several steps you must follow, unless you opt to use of the pre defined templates. Otherwise here are the basic steps 1- Start by adding the CoreData framework to the Frameworks & Linked Libraries on the Summary page 2- Add the CoreData reference to the Prefix.pch file. This is a pre compiler file 3- Add the Cor...

Keyboard attachment for 2 ipads.
by curly51
I attached a bluetooth keyboard to my ipad. It worked. Now I want to attach it to my husband's and it just keeps searching. Do I have to disable it from mine or something before his ipad will recognize it?

How To Create a SQLite CRUD Mobile App | iOS 5 | iPhone | iPad
by kevlangdo
SQLite offers a very easy development model for building iOS apps with a storage facility. In addition the Cocoa Touch SDK along with Xcode offer a fantastic development environment for RAD application development. The SQLite API can create a database on the fly using the open command if no database is present by getting the path to the document directory as the following code demonstrates assum...

How can I transfer iphone videos to ipad?
by jayceww
How can I get the videos(mostly mp4 format) out of iphone and transfer them to ipad? they said copy the videos to computer and then transfer to ipad. But that didn’t work at all!!! I tried so many time but when iphone was pluged in there was no videos shown on the computer! Anyone help???

Five must-known commands for Mac OS X Terminal
by d1taylor
If you're an old-time Unix or Linux user like me, you know that one of the best parts of Mac OS X is that it includes a full command line world based on NetBSD under the hood. In fact, I always have the Terminal app open and it's a rare day that I'm not writing scripts or otherwise experimenting on the command line, even as my screen is covered with pretty graphical user interfaces and...

How to Install an iPad case cover?
by klme
Align the Smart Cover so the hinge is lined up with the left side of the iPad.Lower the Smart Cover onto the iPad, starting with the hinge.Fold the Smart Cover into a triangular configuration to use it as a stand。

How to DIY Your Own iPad Case?
by ceadmonchen
Navigate to a service online that allows you to design your own iPad case, such as My Edge ( or Skinit ( Click "iPad" if you're using My Edge. Click "Add Image," then "Browse and Upload" if you want to add your own image. Click "Add Patterns," "Colors" or "Text" to add pre-existing patterns, different colors...

preferenceson a mac os x ver 10.7.3
by charlie roberts
reset the dashboard,dock setting switch to the group

Top 5 tips for the 2012 iPad
by adfm
Aside from the amazing new Retina display, there are a number of improvements to the 2012 iPad that make the device a worthy upgrade. If you're considering picking one up, you'll find these top 5 tips from J.D. Biersdorfer's iPad: The Missing Manual indispensable. 1. Speak Your Thoughts. The latest iPad gives you a new way to type in documents and other text-friendly apps: byvoice. If you haven...